Submissions Update: Spring 2016

It’s been said that success is just a matter of statistics – that if you keep trying something over and over, you’ll eventually succeed. Here’s to hoping that’s true.

I started writing “seriously” about six months ago (and by writing seriously, I mean writing things other than emails and texts). About three months ago, with the encouragement of the wonderful folks over at, I decided that perhaps something I had written was worth publishing, and I started sending stories out.

As I go, I’ll keep you updated on my successes (and mostly failures) in the quest to have my pieces published – partially for my own gratification, and mostly in the hopes that once I finally do have some success, it’ll be encouraging to someone else out there to see how many times I failed first.

Here we go!

Days Writing: 90
Submissions: 33

Pieces Submitted: 9
Form Rejections: 16
Personal Rejections: 2
Acceptances: 0


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