Submissions Update: Fall 2016

Well, we finally did it! After 10 months of writing and submitting, I have three sales under my belt. Whew!

As you’ll see below, those three acceptances are dwarfed by a sea of rejections. There were so many times in the past months that I was tempted to stop writing, and I’m certain I’ll feel that way again, but persistence is the name of the game. Here’s to hoping these numbers keep ticking in the right direction!

Days Writing: 310
Submissions: 133

Pieces Submitted: 35
Form Rejections: 87
Personal Rejections: 22
Acceptances: 3*

*For those of you counting, that’s just over a 2% success rate…not exactly a winning batting average, but I’ll take it! Encouraged to see the ratio of personals climbing up (a good chunk of those have come in the past month or two). Maybe I’m doing something right?

4 thoughts on “Submissions Update: Fall 2016

  1. Donald Tries To Blog says:

    Let’s try that again…
    Hello Steven,

    As you requested, I took a look at your blog site. I think it looks great!

    Everything seems to be working properly on your site. There were no problems viewing it on my iPhone 6 Plus. It looks like you’ve put in a lot of work that has paid off.

    I see you haven’t given up when the rejections came in; I wish I could say the same. Maybe I can get my writing life started if I take a fiction writing course. I’ve never taken a writing course specifically tailored to writing fiction. It is a personal goal of mine to write a novel some day, but that day seems far off and I’m 63 years old now. Time is running out. Do you have any words of encouragement for someone like me?

    Don Calloway

    Liked by 1 person

    1. stevenbfischer says:

      Thanks for swinging by, Don. I appreciate it!

      First off, time is far from running out for you, sir. There are plenty of authors who didn’t get their start until later in life, this article talks about just a few (

      In terms of encouragement, I strongly suggest you pick up a copy of Stephen King’s “On Writing” if you haven’t yet read it. Mr. King manages to be far more encouraging than I think I ever could be, so I’ll leave you in his capable hands.



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